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As much as we love our pets, accidents are a frequent part of life. If you have pet pee problems, HomePro is one of the best carpet cleaning companies for pet urine odor treatment. 

Enzyme Pet Urine Treatment

Recommended for homes with minimal to moderate pet urine spots, or homes where the animal is still in the home actively making new spots. First we use a UV Blacklight to identify pet urine spots. Next, we apply a enzymatic odor counteractant pre-conditioner to attack bacteria and yellowing. Then we steam clean the carpets flushing the urine thoroughly. The last step is to apply another light enzymatic deodorizer that will continue to lighten stains as the carpets dry. 

The enzymes will target the bacteria as well as digest the bacteria’s food source which are the urine salts. The enzymes are effective for up to two weeks after application, so even when we are done and gone the enzymes are still hard at work!

Pet Stain and Odor Removal Fort Collins Colorado

Should I just replace the carpet?

The only guaranteed way to remove pet urine odors completely is to replace the carpet, pad, tack strip (if affected) and to seal the sub-floor. This is especially true with cat urine damage. 

Sometimes replacement is not in the budget or the animal is still living in the home making new spots. In these cases, the only option is to treat the affected areas to reduce odors and improve appearance until replacement can happen.

Rest assured that HomePro service technicians are certified Odor Control Specialists through the IICRC and will always make the best recommendation for you, your home and your animals.    

All Pet Stain and Odor Removal services include:

  • UV Blacklight Inspection
  • Urine Pre-Conditioning
  • Deodorizing

WARNING: Over the counter pet products can actually permanently set the stain, therefore we caution against using them.

HomePro has a solution for your pet urine problems. Call us for your professional odor removal needs.

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